Hallo, Holland


Happy Two Week Anniversary to me (you’ll find I tend to celebrate any and all occasions)!

Two weeks ago, I made the journey across the pond and began calling Breda my home. It’s been an exciting time getting acquainted with my new way of life and surroundings. I’ve enjoyed transitioning from driving to walking (weight loss!), car horns to bicycle bells, paved roads to cobblestoned streets and standalone buildings to a never-ending slew of shops, cafes, bakeries, and apartments – all connected along the city center streets. Of course my favorite transition, hands down, is going from Skype dates to nightly dinner and exercise dates (along with the countless hours of couch cuddling).


The weather has been consistent – cold and snowy, but with beloved breaks of sunshine. Prior to this “photoshoot”, it actually snowed on three separate occasions (each time for about ten minutes) and in an instant, stopped, and was quickly melted away by the sun (thankfully, as this Florida girl does not do ice – except for in my sweet tea). The winter weather has been welcomed, as wearing cold weather fashions (current favs are cozy, oversized sweaters, cashmere-lined leather gloves, thick and wooly socks, super long scarves, beautifully colored coats… apologies for getting carried away) has been long overdue – Florida and Texas should be enough to explain why that is.



Even with the freezing temps, I’ve managed to take my Florida roots outside and explore every day. My current obsession is the Grote Kerk (Big Church), which was built in 1410. Absolutely love the medieval and amazingly detailed appearance. While the outside is beyond words, the inside is even more magnificent – which I look forward to sharing in a later post.


Until next time – tot ziens!

XX – Whitney

8 comments on “Hallo, Holland

  1. Cam says:

    Whitney , I absolutely LOVE~LOVE~LOVE your blog … Sequins and Bow Ties !! <3 <3

  2. Hi Whitney, I love the pictures and the narratives. You look great! Holland agrees with you! Love to Joost. Love you, Aunt Jude.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Just loe this Whitney. Look forward to reading all of them

  4. Effie says:

    Such a fabulous idea Whitney!! I love it!
    Now I can enjoy (genieten) little bits of my country through you….brings me a little closer to “home”!! I am already looking forward to your next blog. Btw, do you have fresh flowers on your coffee table? That’s almost a MUST in Holland…*smile*. Big hug to you and Joost! Effie

  5. Karen says:

    hey Whitney! just love the blog, the pictures are awesome and you are so beautiful!

  6. Brenda Nixon says:

    Whit, the blog is perfect! Dad and I have always wanted you to use your penmanship,photography and writing skills. You are so gifted in this field. Following your journey is like being with you! :) love you so much, Mom

  7. Paul says:

    Nice to read and to see the pictures.
    Keep them coming!
    Greets, Paul.

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