welcoming the lion


Happy 3rd Day of Spring! This year I finally understand the phrase, “Spring comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”, as I’ve traded my bikinis, strappy sundresses and brightly-colored platforms for cups of hot coffee (RIP Starbucks iced coffee with sugar-free caramel and a little bit of nonfat milk), wooly sweaters and my current best friends, fleece-lined leggings. While I wouldn’t mind baking on the beach (I am borderline albino, which is a total Florida disgrace), I’m quite thankful for the ‘burr, it’s cold’ weather – could be because my closet, amongst other things, are on a ship somewhere in the big pond between America and Europe; so all I currently have is what fit in three suitcases (ie. all winter clothing). However, if there was a Holland heat wave, that would force a shopping spree… Hmmmm.


Anywho, since moving to Holland, I like to begin my mornings outside on the balcony, warmed by a cup of coffee, down-filled blanket and cozy PJs. I’ve lived a majority of my life in a rush, going from one thing to the next, so it’s been nice to switch gears, take in the new surroundings, listen to the church bells and start the day on a calm and relaxing note. I encourage everyone to incorporate some ‘down-time’ into their lives – you will notice a difference. For those of you who already do this – where’s your favorite spot to gear-up for (or unwind from) the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

And no, these pictures were not taken in the ‘just waking’ hours and no, pictures will never be taken in the AM hours, as it will scare off readers.


Being without cable and internet (thank you McDonald’s for the free WiFi), you learn to become creative with entertainment – also remember Holland is in the ‘lion’ phase of spring, so many outdoor activities are a no-go. When Joost visits, we oftentimes play games – board games, cell phone games (love RUZZLE – although I’m awful), card games… obviously any type of game. We recently played Ticket to Ride and even though I lost (and had to watch Joost gloat in victory – we are very competitive), it’s become one of my favorites – makes you think and strategize, but not too much. However, the best game will forever and always be Scrabble!

What’s your favorite game? Call of Duty or anything of the like is not a suitable answer. Any other ideas for entertainment as I wait for cable and internet hookup?


Until next time – tot ziens!

XX – Whitney

8 comments on “welcoming the lion

  1. KP says:

    Welcome to my type of life :) You can always try to get to some gym to workout (other than your outside runs) it’s also a good way to socialize and be forced to interact with “aliens” :) In the different times when i didn’t have internet or cable, i used to go crazy on the wii. The other thing that actually is more constructive is any type of crafty things (i personally love cross stitching >super-nerdy i know<) and do some cool stuff…Last but not least since your cooking is not all that…you could try to work on that and perfection your skills..one day it will be very useful when you'll become a wife ;)

    • whitneynixon says:

      Good ideas! Thanks, KP. Might look into cross stitching actually – creations make for good gifts! Definitely need to work on my cooking – need to surprise Joost with a homemade dinner one of these days.

      • KP says:

        let me know if u need some pointers/ideas…if you like italian i’m your girl ;) i’ll send u my skype on fb, add me and when u need some help with anything feel free :)

  2. I like that early morning coffee regime. I like to think and ponder. Great post! You look great!
    I still love Scrabble as well.

  3. eloise says:

    i miss our scrabble (WORDS WITH FRIENDS) games. just not the same without you playing. stay warm and keep sending those wonderful pics and stories. i love touring the world with you!
    love, miss eloise

  4. carol milker says:

    Read…love your posts

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