sunday best


Few learnings from the weekend –

1. When wearing heels – if you’re planning to walk for more than five minutes and the roads are anything like the above picture, bring a change of comfortable shoes (FLATS!) – or be prepared to walk out of your shoes – literally.

2. The cobblestoned streets will win in a fight against heels, thus leaving chunks of your pumps suedeless, leatherless, whatever-your shoe-is-made-of-less.

3. My new name should be Mary Poppins, as the very common, hurricane strength wind is perfect for umbrella flying.

4. Breda is home to the oldest Beguinage (Begijnhof in Dutch) in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in Europe (see below for more info)!


During our Sunday stroll (in our Sunday best, of course), Joost and I discovered a secret garden-like place and as curiousity killed the cat, we let it get the best of us as well. After pondering around for a bit, we found this semi-secluded little area is actually the oldest beguinage in Holland.

In 1267, Lord Hendrik van Nassau began the beguinage in Breda. This area was dedicated to unmarried or widowed women, who vouched to stay single to devote their lives to God. The beguinage was moved to its current location around 1535 and is still home to many women. The two churches and 29 little houses survived World War II and were the only Catholic institutions that survived the religious oppression in the 17th century.

Look forward to visiting again when the courtyard is in full bloom and the church is open for touring.









A few cool, random finds during our walk –

Lamp post + orange bicycle – I’ll take both!


Chicken + roosters in the park – apparently they got the memo it’s spring. Question is, when will the weather realize…


Door heading + massive door.



Until next time – tot ziens!

XX – Whitney

4 comments on “sunday best

  1. Sonya Dolan says:

    This is so fun!! Love it! Love the dress! All beautiful.

  2. Cool post, Whitney! Loved the pictures.

  3. Cam says:

    Beautiful !!!

  4. Brenda Nixon says:

    Love, love the blog! :)

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