ungraceful ballerina leaps


A Florida girl’s dream – well, add the beach and 10 degrees, but close enough for me! Spring has finally sprung in the Netherlands, where temps reached a heavenly 72 degrees. I can’t begin to describe how amazing it felt to pull a white tee from my closet (not as a layering piece, but as a standalone) and trade my boots for skimmers – there might have been a few ballerina leaps (minus the grace) through the apartment, coupled with shouts of “I’m free! I’m free!”, but I’ll never admit to it.

Basking in the sun and soaking in the rays was not a question, but a given. But what were we to do? Then I remembered – last year when Joost and I were long distance, I “Just Because” gifted him with a picnic pack (much more manly than a wicker basket and complete with everything you need, including an insulated bottle holder and pouch), with a card saying nothing but, “can’t wait for picnics in the park + you in my arms.”  So, we packed our handy little pack and were on our way, hand in hand, to enjoy our first picnic together.




We found a perfect spot in a nearby park and delighted in the sun’s warmth, a fresh lunch and each other’s company. While Joost began to study, I decided to people watch (one of my favorite past times). I found it heartwarming to see families biking, playing soccer, and throwing frisbees together; kids skateboarding, laughing, and playing tag; and of course, what’s spring without love birds? So yes, I enjoyed seeing love birds doing what they do best – be in love (I might have enjoyed being one myself).





DSC_0139 DSC_0159 DSC_0157 DSC_0164

Until next time – tot ziens!

XX – Whitney


4 comments on “ungraceful ballerina leaps

  1. Everything was perfectly spring! You looked really pretty. I love picnics. Hope you enjoy many, many more. Love you, Aunt Jude

  2. Brenda Nixon says:

    Never get so busy where you forget the special times like this! You look so pretty and happy! :) Love you, Mom

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