boston tribute


While there are hardly words to describe what happened
I have a few to say
My heart weighs heavy
As heavy as the clouds, cold and gray

Why do people do these things?
That’s one thing I’ll never understand
How one can take so many lives, all so innocent
Welcomed too early to the Promised Land

As reality sets in
Some will never be able to say
“I love you”, “Goodnight”, “I’m so proud of you”
Or walk their daughter down the aisle on that very special day

To those who helped save a life
One, two or three
You are America’s heroes
And for your efforts we salute thee

United we stand
United we fall
United we will always be
All for one and one for all

Sending my prayers and deepest condolences to those of Boston and all affected by Monday’s tragedy.

Until next time – hold your loved ones a little tighter and a little longer, for we should all be thankful for yet another day.

XX – Whitney

3 comments on “boston tribute

  1. Beautiful tribute, Whitney. Heartfelt and sincere. I love and miss you, Sweetheart. Aunt Jude

  2. Brenda Nixon says:

    Whitney, you just amaze me. So proud of my talented daughter! Love you, Mom

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