sprinkles from the sky

My experience with rain is nonexistent, hence my background – grew up in Florida aka the Sunshine State, went to school in Virginia (not a lot of rain, but there was one snowstorm that scarred me for life), spent a summer in NYC and lastly, lived in Texas, where rain is considered a myth. So, when it did rain, it was a great excuse for a night-in – complete with a movie marathon, never-ending popcorn and PJs.

Living in the Netherlands is quite the opposite – always expect sprinkles from the sky and never leave the house without your trusty umbrella.

Miraculously, during my short seven weeks here, I’ve grown to have a slight appreciation for rainy days and nights (nights especially), as long as I’m prepared. There’s somewhat of a mysterious beauty to the glistening cobblestone streets and reflecting lights.






I was a bit bummed when I noticed, the uninvited, precipitation was going to be a part of date night (after straightening my hair of course). But to my surprise, the city center was packed, busy as ever and the mood unscathed. Guess I’ll have to continue working on my love/hate relationship with the drizzle, because it’s true, a little rain never hurt anyone.






Until next time – tot ziens!

XX – Whitney


6 comments on “sprinkles from the sky

  1. The night lights were pretty and you looked gorgeous. The bicycles! WoW! Love you, Aunt Jude

  2. Terra says:

    You are so precious! And lucky for such life experiences! -buffalo

  3. Brenda Nixon says:

    Love the fashion and how everything is so quaint! Love and miss you pretty girl! :)

  4. Ed Nixon says:

    What does tot ziens mean??


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