a flower rainbow


Imagine. Thousands of flowers – all in full bloom, every color of the rainbow included and the sweetest yet freshest scent you’ve ever smelled in your life… Welcome to the flower fields of Holland. While I’ve seen dozens, or maybe hundreds of pictures, none compared to having all senses totally engulfed by the fields (well, all senses minus taste). I would have to say, the luckiest people of Holland (from late March to mid May) are those whose homes overlook the fields. I could see myself, book in hand, pillow in the tractor seat, feet propped and coffee in the cup holder (tractors do have cup holders, right)?




The Netherlands continues to hold the honor of ‘World’s Best Flowers’ and ‘World’s Best Flower Gardens’ (coming soon to a Sequins and Bow Ties post near you). As you can imagine, flower enthusiasts from across the world flock to Northern Holland to experience these magnificent sights, which I totally get, as I’ve already vowed to visit every year (hopefully more than once and hopefully with my green thumb family members :: hint hint ::).

From a business standpoint, the Dutch own the horticulture market. Not a surprising statement, but what you might find surprising are the figures involved. Over 4.32 billion (yes, billion with a b) tulip bulbs are exported each year, which brings in a hearty €16.2 billion (which is over $21.2 billion US dollars). WOW! And just think, these numbers are specific to tulips.














Until next time – tot ziens, my friends!

XX – Whitney

12 comments on “a flower rainbow

  1. karen says:

    Whitney, I just love these photos, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey Sweetie, Beautiful post. I love the pictures. I love tulips. I love flowers. i love color. I think it’s wonderful that the country does such a wonderful business with FLOWERS. Good for Holland. Love you. Aunt Jude Vlinder. :-)

  3. carol milker says:

    Oh my word….i want to come back…..what beautiful memories of that gorgeous place. Great photography

  4. Brenda Nixon says:

    Love,love, Love….Just beautiful and the color is so vivid! Love you

  5. Lia Versteegh says:

    Hallo Whitney,
    heel goed gedaan. nu nog in het Nederlands
    groetjes LIa

  6. Brenda Kahler says:

    Something is going to happen during this time of the year SO your wonderful friends can experience seeing those BEAUTIFUL flowers!!!!! HINT HINT!!!!!

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