7 comments on “we salute thee

  1. jan eijkelboom says:

    Thank you Whitney, on behalf of all the veterans…….

  2. cakeandacouture says:

    Love these pictures and acknowledgement!


  3. Debbie Lowe says:

    Simply Beautiful, Whitney!!

  4. Great post! Love you, Aunt Jude

  5. Dad says:

    Thanks for the thoughts of our veterans. When I served I was too young (enlisted at 17) to fully understand what an honor it was to serve our great country. I was too young to realize that I was serving to help preserve the freedom we now enjoy. I was too young to know that so many had died to give us the things we many times take for granted today. At my age now….I fully understand. God Bless our men and women who gave so much!

  6. Olga says:

    Amazing pics!!

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