sun, sand and saltwater

Spontaneous road trip to the beach? You can always count me in – even with a breezy high of 60 degrees. Tossing my bikini aside (tear), Rockanje essentials included: a light sweater, waterproof jacket, fleece-lined leggings and rain boots. Yes, rain boots (Florida people – please cease your laughter).



We’re here! Wait… Are we at the beach? Or in the forest? Well, the answer is both! Never seeing anything like this before, I was in love with the little pre-beach walk – most certainly did a great job building my anticipation for the sun, sand and saltwater that lies ahead.




Finally! After the longest walk ever (ok, it was only 4 minutes), I had the salty air upon my face, the ocean in my sight and the sand in between my toes… I mean, under my rain boots. To say the least, I was like a kid in a candy store. The calm waters, fresh breeze, dunes (quite possibly the biggest hills in Holland – really, this country is like a pancake) and instant tide changes were all noteworthy Rockanje attributes that quickly had me head over heels. I also loved how the beach is not only forever long, but also forever wide (which works in everyone’s favor – apparently once temps are considered beach weather appropriate, the entire country flocks to the coast – and when that time comes, I hope Joost is ready for a 5am departure). Even though the temps were cooler than your typical beach day, Joost and I had a wonderful time walking the beach, drawing in the sand, looking for shells, watching families build sand castles, laughing at dogs chase after sticks (apparently the water wasn’t too cold for them, brr) and ending our day with a beautiful beach sunset.




I thought this was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen (which is apparently common)… and they call us rednecks?













Until next time – tot ziens!

XX – Whitney

8 comments on “sun, sand and saltwater

  1. Good morning, Whitney. Love, love, loved the beach pictures. I love looking at pictures of coasts around the world. The coast always seems to be my ultimate destination. I was at the beaches in Biloxi over the weekend and they aren’t the same as the beautiful Pensacola Beaches, Still, they are nice for families and couples and individuals to get out and enjoy the water. Love you Sweetheart. You look happy and beautiful. Love, Aunt Jude.

  2. carol miller says:

    What fun….not Navarre but very pretty. Love your descriptive writing best though. You should writeca book.

  3. Brenda Nixon says:

    Amazing going through the forrest to the beach. The tractor crack me up! Pictures were beautiful.
    Love and miss you, Mom

  4. Eva says:

    Lovely post. Those photos are simply amazing.

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