swan attack


This weekend was a happy one, as I was beyond excited to welcome Joost back from a two-week training course – which felt like the longest 14 days ever (funny to think how quickly we’ve become spoiled with seeing each other every weekend, where it once was every 8-12 weeks). Along with the “Welcome Home” celebration, we also had Aspergedag 2013 on our agenda (family code name for the annual Asparagus Party – bet you can’t guess what we ate!). On our way to the party, I spotted the cutest little swan family and of course, a photo opp was totally necessary. Everyone seemed to be in for the photo shoot, minus the father swan – see ruffled feathers below. It would have been nice to know swans are a protective and aggressive breed beforehand.

Therefore, from this experience as well as the stork one, it can be concluded Dutch birds do not favor brightly colored Americans named Whitney.









Joost and I were surprised with beautiful (and healthy) blooms at the Asparagus Party – hoping I can keep this mini garden alive! Any tips?


Until next time – tot ziens!

XX – Whitney

7 comments on “swan attack

  1. Hey Whitney, it looked like a pretty day to rile up the Swans! Your dress was beautiful. The whole scene looked like something out of a watercolor picture. Keep splashing color on that wonderful canvas that is your life. Love you, Aunt Jude

  2. Pat Powell-Peterson says:

    I was attacked while trying to take pictures of swans and I did not look nearly as colorful as you. Love your blog.

  3. Effie says:

    What a beautiful basket with flowers and tomatoes Whitney! I am growing some in my back yard as well, but the leaves on my tomato plants don’t look half as green as yours do! I bet it may be the difference in the soil? I would probably separate the flowers from the tomatoes….make a nice basket out of those flowers and pick the tomatoes that are ripe and make a delicious spaghetti sauce out of them? And I believe you can re-plant the tomato plant, allowing the green ones to ripen. They need lots of sun! Yep…those swans are fierce…they look beautiful gliding “on” the water, but once on land…. watch out!!! I guess you learn something every day? :). Tot ziens! :)E.

  4. Brenda Nixon says:

    Love how you narrate the story with the pictures. The pictures of you and the swans were beautiful! What a wonderful learning expierence and enjoy all of them! :) Love you so much, Mom

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