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As you, most likely have experienced, moving to another city, state, or even down the road can be quite exciting… and stressful. There’s the initial pack-and-move that, let’s face it, is 0% fun (ok, 2% fun if you’re a Positive Polly), getting acquainted with your new surroundings, “putting yourself out there” to meet new people (ahh!), and the list goes on… and on. So, throw in moving to another country with a different language (and one that will make your head spin)… and you’ve got yourself a head full of gray hair.

Since my initial move, 5 months and 19 days ago (has it really been that long?!), there have been awesome, good, bad, and badder than bad days (yes, I know badder is not a word, but we all have them). While it has been truly amazing to experience a new culture, new way of life and beautiful surroundings, there have been days I would have paid to hear someone say, “y’all”, in a sweet southern accent… or donated a kidney for a plentiful American helping of collard greens, black-eyed peas, corn on the cob, grits, ruttabeggas… should I go on? Because I totally can. Through my badder than bad days, I have been extremely blessed to have Joost by my side as a constant support and rock, my family (I love you!), my wonderful friends (special shout out to the whatsapp group chats, Miltown BFFs and Liberty RebelZ), my new dutch friends (thank you for welcoming and accepting a character like myself), and you, readers of Sequins and Bow Ties. I’ve said time and time again, and will continue to say, S&B is so much more than just a blog; S&B is how I shrink the ‘across the pond’ distance, share my thoughts, experiences and keep in touch with those back home (and around the world). So to everyone who has ever read S&B, made a comment, or liked a post – thank you – because you make the awesome, good, bad and badder than bad days a bit more sunny… and since I love ‘sunniness’ (I am from the Sunshine State), I give you sunflowers.



Totally off topic, but quick update – my ‘no blogging for a week’ has legit reasoning… My apartment sold! So you know what that means – apartment hunting, actually finding a place before I head back to The States (Sept 8!), packing, moving, the works… And pretty sure I will be saying bye-bye to Breda and hello BIG CITY! To be continued…

Until next time – tot ziens!

XX – Whitney

5 comments on “for you

  1. Ember says:

    We are all so proud of you for taking on such a big journey! I always knew you would do something great and different from everyone else :) We are far away in miles but not in spirit…continue to have the time of your life!!!

  2. Joyce says:

    Whit! I’ve been a lurker now for quite some time. Read all the posts but didn’t comment lol. I must say I enjoy living vicariously through you lol. Make the most of the adventure… Memories are made of these! Love n miss ya!

  3. Effie Wood says:

    Hi Whitney!!! Read your blog…and I can truly understand the “badder” days. I have been there, moving from Europe to the US….had absolutely no clue about anything, and I have to say that even though I knew the language, my then husband did not make it easy in helping me getting acquainted because he worked at the airport very long shifts, pretty much all day every day/evenings.

    I guess it also depends on the person…some adept easier to new surroundings than others. I did adept gradually, but definitely had my very sad and longing moments. I had my sweet daughter Jessica though….she was born in Luxembourg and was only 18 months old when we moved to Texas. She was my everything back then….spent every waking moment with her. We rented a brand new duplex in Bryan/College Station, it was barely furnished, because we had to leave pretty much all our belonging behind in Luxembourg. My x husband worked for Icelandic Air at the time…and they allowed only so much free “baggage” on board.

    It was rough the first 6 to 8 months, but then slowly things got better and I began to feel “at home”. I Anyway, thought to share that with you! Otherwise I am doing really well…am thoroughly enjoying my time off…spending lots of time with my adorable grand kiddos/babies….loving it!!! I do miss my members, miss teaching, but do not miss the business stress!! I am in touch with some of my yogini members, and have had many lunch-dates with them so far…so fun!

    So where are you moving to? I did not know that Breda was only temporary? Fill me in when you have a chance? You said big city? Not Amsterdam? Maybe Den Haag, or Rotterdam?

    Well, happy moving Whitney…thank you for sharing! Big hug to both you and Joost!! Effie [?]

  4. Brenda Nixon says:

    Knowing that you are surrounded by great people has made the transition much better for me. Finding a new church home and new friends is all in God’s plan. I always said God has a great plan for you. Love you so much, Mom

  5. pollyheath says:

    Just found your blog through random internet trolling. Must say I’m really enjoying it.

    Also, I prefer “pessimist Polly”, not positive :)

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