i said yes! well, kinda

It’s official! I’m a future M-R-S and couldn’t be more excited (but don’t underestimate the possibility of bridezilla making an appearance).


Joost proposed on Thursday, September 5th and it couldn’t have been more dreamy. While I always envisioned an over-the-top, elaborate and public proposal (I know I’m not the only one), ours was intimate, personal… and perfect. I would share pictures of the moments following, but my face was streaked with mascara, makeup, tears and to be honest, it’s not a good look (so below you’ll find a next day photo opp). The moment I saw Joost get down on one knee and open “the box”, I lost it. Really. Lost it. In fact, I never said yes… but I guess the continuous sobbing, and once I regained control of myself, near tackling hug made Joost assume I, in fact, accepted.

Joost and I went ring shopping in both the US and Netherlands and decided on a jeweler in the states due to selection. Since he proposed in the NL, I was given a ‘temp’ ring that I now wear around my neck with his dog tags.

Butterflies fill my stomach every time I look at my left hand ring finger… I truly can not wait for the day that we say, “I do” and become one.

Cheers to forever and a day with my one true love!



Until next time – I’ll be a busy bee planning a wedding!

XX – Whitney

3 comments on “i said yes! well, kinda

  1. I like your ring! It looks a bit Art Nouveau which I think is very attractive. I know you are enjoying wearing it. Enjoy planning your wedding and looking forward to happy days.

  2. Margreet says:

    Ik ben zo blij voor jullie! And I love your ring! Kus Margreet

  3. Kind of late, but congratulations on your engagement and lucky you for having such a pretty engagement ring!

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